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Alcon Systane Complete 10ml
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Brand Alcon
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
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Nano-Droplet Technology
SYSTANE® COMPLETE. Made up of tiny, nano-sized droplets, this soothing eye drop forms a matrix of protection across the entire eye surface. SYSTANE® COMPLETE delivers optimal dry eye relief, and provides fast hydration and tear evaporation protection. 
Active ingredient: Propylene Glycol 0.6%..................Lubricant

- For the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye
- For the temporary relief of discomfort due to minor irritations of the eye or to exposure to wind or sun
- For use as a protectant against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye
- For use as a lubricant to prevent further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye

- For external use only.
- Do not use: if this product changes color, if you are sensitive to any ingredient in this product.
- When using this product, do not touch tip of container to any surface to avoid contamination.
- Replace cap after each use.
- Stop use and ask a doctor if you experience any of the following: eye pain, changes in vision occur, continued redness or irritation of the eye, condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Directions for Use: Shake well before using.  Instil 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed.

Storage: Store at room temperature

Inactive ingredients: boric acid, dimyristoyl phosphatidylglycerol, edatate disodium, hydroxypropyl guar, mineral oil, polyoxl 40 stearate, POLYQUAD® (polyquaternium-1) 0.001% preservative, sorbitan tristearate, sorbitol and purified water. May contain hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide to adjust pH.

Packing: Bottle (10ml)

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