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Febico Apogen Granules 80s
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Brand Febico
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Apogen is a patented nutritional health food concentrated from spirulina.

Suitable for kids age 1-12 years.


Product Features:

  • Protects cells by creating a firewall against viral infection.
  • Scientifically proven to prevent Type A and B Flu, H1N1 and HFMD (Coxsackie-16 and Enterovirus-71).
  • Granular form is specially blended for great taste.
  • Vegetable source of DHA and AA helps in brain and eye development.
  • Natural and can be taken daily with no side effects -USA Patent No. US6346408 and Taiwan patent I 272947.


Major Functions:

  • Apogen patented extraction helps to maintain good health and a balanced nutrition level in children.
  • Create health firewall against viral infections such as flu, enterovirus, influenza, herpes virus, dengue virus, respiratory syncytial virus, rotavirus.


Recommended Dosage & Administration:

  • Take 1 sachet, 3 times daily.
  • Can be taken directly or mixed into water or milk
  • Avoid high temperature liquid mixing (liquid temp. should be below 50℃)
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