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Dermatix Ultra 15g
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Brand Dermatix
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
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For raised and dark scars

Dermatix® Ultra

  • Lightens, softens and flattens scars 1, 2, 3
  • Easy to apply, quick drying and odourless
  • Innovative CPX Silicone technology and Vitamin C Ester formulation


Live your fullest life, without worries about scars. With Dermatix® Ultra, everyday scars from cuts, burns and scratches – as well as surgical scars from c-sections, operations and aesthetic procedures – can be lightened, soften and flatten within months8.

Dermatix® Ultra combines the flattening and softening effects of CPX (cyclopentasiloxane)4 with the skin lightening effects of Vitamin C Ester5 to effectively reduce the appearance of scars. What’s more, Dermatix® Ultra leaves you feeling soft and clean, and allows you to apply skincare, makeup or sunscreen over the application.


How long will it take for my scar to improve?

We recommend a minimum treatment time of 60 to 90 days8, with older or larger scars requiring a longer treatment time. It is safe to use Dermatix® Ultra for as long as continued improvement is evident. For best results, apply Dermatix® Ultra twice daily for 3 months on minor scars, and 6 to 9 months on burn scars or surgical scars.

Can nursing mothers use Dermatix® Ultra?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra does not penetrate into the skin or enter the bloodstream so it is safe for nursing mothers. However, if you are using Dermatix® Ultra on your chest area, you should wipe off the gel before nursing to prevent your baby from accidentally ingesting the gel.

Can Dermatix® Ultra be used on children or babies?

Dermatix® Ultra is not contraindicated for use on babies or children. There are studies in which Dermatix® Ultra has been used on infants, with no adverse effects10. Take extra precaution to avoid accidental ingestion of the gel by your child.

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