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Oradex Antibacterial Mouthwash 90ml/750ml
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This mouthwashes is rinse proven effective against tiny organisms in the mouth

This Antibacterial Mouthwash Recommend by Dentist

It is a broad-spectrum “Gold Standard” oral antiseptic effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, some protozoa, algae and viruses. Chlorhexidine has a high intrinsic efficacy and a prolonged “residual” action.

Benefits of Oradex Mouthwash

  • Prevent dental plaque formation
  • Treatment of gingivitis, mouth ulcers, sore throat
  • Promote healing after oral surgery, dental implants, extractions and periodontal surgery
  • Control infection and reduce risks of aerosol contamination during dental surgery
  • Suitable for all ages and those sensitive to alcohol
  • User-friendly pleasant and soothing to the mouth without the side-effects of alcohol

How To Use This Mouthwash

Firstly, hold and swirl around the mouth gently with 15ml of undiluted mouthwash for 30 seconds. Then gargle a further of 10 seconds twice a day.

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