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Xukin-K Ezi Skin Cleanser 99ml/200ml+100ml
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Brand Xukin-K
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 7 cm x 18 cm
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Best Management For Sensitive & Dry Skin

Xukin Ezi Skin Cleanser / Shower Gel Cleans your skin by removing endogenous and exogeneous impurities without damaging the skin’s inner layer, which most skin cleaning products do.

Xukin Ezi Skin Cleanser / Shower Gel efficient formulation removes dirt’s and dead skin cells without damaging skin stratum corneum’s lipid membrane, which controls the trans Epidermal Water Loss or “TEWL”. Regular use will promotes and elevates skin’s natural functionality and resilient.

The formulation also promotes the production of collagens and strengthen elastin’s, diminishing those tiny lines. You will get firmer and younger looking skin.


Xukin Ezi Skin Cleanser Shower Gel Contains:

  1. NO Perfume
  2. NO SLS / SLES
  3. NO Triclosan
  4. NO Alcohol
  5. NO Propylene glycol
  6. NO Paraben
  7. NO Fragrance
  8. NO Colourant
  9. NO Animal Derivatives
  10. Hypoallergenic

Ezi Skin Cleanser Shower Gel is so safe, it can be used to babies as young as 2 weeks old. It is proven effective in the management of all the symptoms associated with Atopic Dermatitis – swelling, blisters, rough, dry and itchy skin. Xukin-K products have virtually no side effects, are also very safe and can be used without any worries or hesitation.


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